Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creepiest Underwater Places

Graun and Reschen underwater towns - Italy 
These towns in the Italian-Swiss alps had been around since Roman times, but in 1950s plans to make a lake that united others were underway and the towns were flooded. What's left? A 14th century bell tower. Beneath the surface--163 abandoned buildings.
If this intrigues you, consider seeing "Deliverance" or "In Dreams," two movies that involve towns going underwater.

This area in the Bahamas became famous by people speculating it might be Atlantis. Underwater stones that look like an ancient roadway have caused lots of theory and debate, as well as attracted a lot of divers.

Underwater sculpture
Amazingly brilliant and talented artist, Jason deCaires Taylor , combines art and science. He places his sculptures in the water and lets nature breathe them to life.

Underwater caves
There are some crazy adventurers who enjoy diving in underwater caves. I cannot think of a more lonely and silent tomb possible, but the sights must be amazing since very few humans have ever seen them. If one is claustrophic, just diving is scary, but diving in a cave--that's the ultimate test!

Sunken ships
The ultimate find was the Titanic, but there are still sunken ships with bootie waiting to be found. For divers, they are lonely playgrounds. For those in the Bermuda Triangle, they are unsolved mysteries. For those in the Great Lakes, it's the Edmund Fitzgerald. These are sort of like urban exploration, perhaps we could call it submergian exploration. 

Shark diving
Yes, people actually voluntarily want to dive with sharks. Places like this one make it possible to try it out. I guess if you want to face your greatest fear, that would do it!


  1. A more recent (and darned good!) movie featuring a town going underwater: O Brother, Where Art Thou

  2. i am afraid of being underwater...

  3. I tried scuba diving but it made my ears pop and my chest ache afterwards. I also found it extremely difficult to smoke. Thus, I will never be doing any of those things... least of all the shark cage. No, definitely not.