Cemetery Ghosts

Cemetery ghosts intrigue people for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that the part of death that makes us uncomfortable is the concept of putting a loved one into the ground. Visiting cemeteries always feels very silent, very unsettling, and it makes us face death and what happens after that. Cemeteries and ghosts is a mental connection we all make subconsciously.

Some cemeteries ghosts have become very famous, like Resurrection Mary in Chicago who supposedly still hitchhikes rides along the roadway and back to her cemetery. Bachelor's Grove is another supposedly haunted cemetery in Illinois that has as many urban legends as any one cemetery should have. And, for the top 10 haunted cemeteries, check this list.

Why are cemeteries haunted? Who would haunt their bones? We are way too linear in our thinking to assume that when we are alive and are limited by one body/one mind that when we pass on we are stuck in one place at one time. We can be everywhere at once. Should someone come to a cemetery and think about us, talk to us for the first time in the past year, our spirit form would arrive. It is an ideal match. Frequently visited cemeteries should be the most active.

Interestingly, shadow people phenomena are seen in cemeteries and parks more than any other place. We will discuss shadow people in a future post again. They are one of my favorite subjects!


  1. Sis, I do love cemetery venturing! I find it funny when people assume that ALL cemeteries are haunted; they aren't. I've been in several and because I am fortunate to be a bit of an empath (although mostly with animals), I can FEEL when a cemetery is active. D and I visited one last year that was OH SO Peaceful! No activity there! Everyone was happily at rest.

    Then there is the cemetery next to my favorite one, Elmwood Cemetery, in the downtown area. Randolph Cemetery is VERY unsettling. It creeps me out. I get the willies almost every time I visit. Even when standing in Elmwood but at the border of Randolph, I can FEEL that place through the trees. Unsettling. Uncomfortable. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it was neglected for a long time, was in disrepair, and, unfortunately was that way because it is a very old cemetery where only black people are buried. It is still used, or at least it was up until the 90's. The most recent occupants seem to be young. Makes you wonder what their lifestyles were like. Were they ill, in an accident, or did they become a statistic due to gang violence? Sad. I do visit this cemetery occasionally and wander through and try to "clean up" debris if there is any on the graves. I show them the respect they deserve. It still creeps me out though and I WON'T go down there alone!

  2. I have family that live in Monroe, CT and there is a cemetery that has the "White Woman" And you can see her in the cemetery or sometimes just outside of its gates.
    The history behind it I forgot...
    I remember we went a looking... when I was young... and that I was so freaked out about it (My cousin ray is a trip) I stayed in the car!
    HAHAHA! Today.. I would deffly go check it out, on a full moon.


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