Thursday, July 19, 2012

Can You Survive a Horror Movie? Chiller Channel

Ironically, this was actually a regular series I wanted to start on here, but Chiller Channel (fantastic channel!) has a show by that very name. Here's how they describe it:  

Can You Survive a Horror Movie? – the all-new original special from Chiller that will put the most terrifying horror movie moments to the test – will premiere on Friday, July 13 @ 9pm. Its iconic setting is none other than the same idyllic camp in Blairstown, NJ popularly known as the macabre “Camp Crystal Lake” in the original Friday the 13th film. Is it possible to fight a zombie, and win? Could someone live on blood alone? How long could a human being survive being buried alive? The special’s three daring hosts – Anthony Marks (Remains), Annie Unnold (Celebrity Ghost Stories) and Morgan West (Dead Souls) – will confront these and other adrenaline-pumping Hollywood moments with the help of authorities ranging from doctors to physical fitness gurus to survival experts. I am totally excited! This is the kind of reality show I want!

I checked it out and it's awesome. Seriously cool. You actually learn stuff about survival from how to survive a bear attack to killer bees, zombies and more. This is one of my new favs, along with Science Channel's Oddities: San Francisco.

If I had to be in a horror movie in real life and try to survive, I'd take Halloween any day. Come on, Michael is big, slow, and stupid.

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