Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk 2012

Wow, has it been 3 years of doing these? Last year, I told everyone, I was handing the event to a very competent host, Zombies Everywhere. 

Once again, we were lucky to have Jeremy, aka Retro-Zombie to do our logo (above).

What is this event? Those who weren't part of the HUGE event last year (65 participants), it's goes like this -

Bloggers who want to be a part of it only have to tell the host so he can put your blog address on the list. The day of the event, you put up a post about zombies -- anything from recipes to give-aways, short movies to book and movie reviews, short stories, whatever you feel like doing. You are given the list of links to put on your blog with the post. Then, the day of the event, readers go onto a participant's blog, read their blog post and then click the next address on the list and "walk" to the next blog to see what zombie fun they have. The event was an enormous success last year. My post had over 2K reads and got 25 new followers from it.

Zombies Everywhere wants to launch the event for October 1st like last year to get people's excitement for Halloween season at a peak. I will be posting and so will he, the info when he is set to start accepting participants.

Expect to hear more about this fun event. Last year, my entry inspired Julie (Above-the-Norm) and I's  now published book Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse.

You never know what will happen!


  1. You really are the queen of zombie fun! I read some of the posts last year and they were wonderful.

  2. I cant wait to host this one!