Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Why Are Our Bones Not Found?

I do admit to enjoying the phantom-like existence that so vexes "Bigfoot hunters." The hairless beings that call themselves humans are often speculating about my kind, that perhaps we are interdimensional, alien, or shapeshifters. I would like to take credit for all those fantastic explanations, but the answer is pretty simple:

Humans don't run into us often because we run into them first and if they can't find our remains, it is because we bury our own.

We're not savages just because we live off the land. We are survivors and to be survivors in sometimes inhospitable conditions, we have to be a very tightly knit group that works together and watches each others backs and includes the consideration of putting our elders to earth when they have passed.

 Upon occasion, humans will find hints of us and that is fine. We want them to suspect we exist, and at the same time we fear what will happen when they know we exist. We do not want to take on their ways nor do we want them poking around our lives. It's been working for thousands of years this way and we would like to keep the status quo.

Yes, we do exist, but we are not so neglectful as to leave our dead lying around the forest canopy to become food for the smaller creatures. We have more than earned our eternal rest.

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