Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Lazy Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday. I got up and looked for a snack way after the sun came up. Probably not a good idea since there are some humans camping down in the gorge below. Stupid simpletons. It's going to rain hard this afternoon. They will be riding a river bed that fills up quickly. I ain't no lifeguard. They have to sink or swim.

I have to shake my head how ill adapted humans are for nature. It's a miracle they lived this long.

I poked around, looking for a snack. Had a few handfuls of raspberries then wandered down to the creek where I met a few of the others. They were getting their hair wet to cool off. I'd rather just hide in the trees and sleep off the hottest part of the day. I thought about some fishing. Sounded like too much effort.

I'm headed back to my favorite cool spot for a hearty nap.

Days off are boring as hell. Needing a little entertainment, I stopped up near my spot and let out a couple of crazy ass calls, total gibberish, just to scare the campers down below. Knocked on a tree a few times. Wasn't as rewarding as it is on a day when I'm keyed up.

Gonna go hit the pine needles and cozy up to a cool boulder in a nice moss-covered spot.



  1. Mmmmm Lazy Days!

    Bigfoot reads the same way Klay reads...
    He's kind of hairy too.. Perhaps I am dating Bigfoot.