Friday, July 6, 2012

Awakening From the Zombie State

Humans. We are all in stages of zombification. This might be why the subject is so intriguing to us. It's our alter ego. Our nemesis. Every day, we repeat painfully similar days and routines, outcomes as we spin away in predictable grooves.

How do we come awake from our zombie state? Here's some suggestions:

1. Give up the notions of what success is. For your parents and the baby boomer generation, it was the house, the car, the 45-year marriage, and the two kids who were college educated, working for the same company until you got a pension and then wearing your slippers all day long and being allowed to shake your fist on the law at the children in the neighborhood. Our world has changed. Our dreams should change. What is success to us, needs to be redefined by a disillusioned public. Stella and Liz, the zombie housewives, are very much stuck in their roles of what was important when they were living.

2.  Go screenless. No phone. No computer. No TV. Leave the house without communication devices. Or, curl up and read a book. Make a meal from scratch, scrape and cut the veggies, sautee, dirty some pans. Play some music. Sing and dance along. Just get out of the same seat, same routine every night. You are not alive. Your brain when you watch TV is idling as is your body.

3.  Engage your mind. Scrabble, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, writing, watching Jeopardy, or any oher endeavor that forces you to retrieve and apply knowledge. Zombies' minds don't work effectively. Purely just instinct, not intelligence. If you can work your mind, you are in the human state.

4.  Zombies are not creative, so make music, write a poem, redecorate a room. The zombie housewives, Stella and Liz, admitted that they were caught in the 1950s loop that they knew before they turned zombie. After that, they could maintain what their human selves had created in the past, but could not make new fashion or creative thought. They will be forever stuck in the 50s.

Why do relationships die from neglect, people's bodies grow fat from walking from the front door to the car daily, children run amuk and get into mischief? It's the zombie state.

Not being present in your own life is being a zombie.


  1. There are many days I feel like I am in a zombie for example.

  2. Number 2 is a good one, but oh so hard to do! I do IT work, so I'm in front of a computer almost all day. Then I still get on the computer at home. And I play Xbox sometimes. And I watch TV some...and sometimes I even do workout videos on my TV. And of course I have my phone with me too. Sometimes I feel like almost my whole day is in front of a screen. I'd like to be looking at screen less, but it just seems so hard to get away from it. But fortunately, next week I'm on vacation from work, so I won't have to be in front of a screen all day.