Monday, June 18, 2012

The World We Don't See - YET

People ask me about the paranormal world a lot. Here's how I view it at our present time in history:

Long ago, we had the Black Plague. This horrible illness brought people to extreme illness and agonizing deaths. Physicians and ministers all tried techniques to make it better, to soothe the sick, and to save some lives, but it was an illness that was going to run its course to a horrible conclusion. A few thought that perhaps it was because of spiritual weakness or any other number of magical or superstitious influences.

What they didn't know back then was a whole secret world on a bacterial level. There was no way to see or understand that there were tiny organisms, so very slight and not seen with the naked eye that were affecting HUGE change in the humans and devastating lives. It was not spiritual weakness or other magical causation, it was something in our natural world we had not discovered yet.

That is how I see the paranormal world. It affects us, but it's of a means we have not discovered yet, nor have an instrument like a microscope to study it.

But, I truly believe some day we will.

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