Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Science Channel Is Sexy

I adore science shows--can't get enough of them. Want to know where to get your sexy on? Watch shows that open your mind, your wonder, your spirituality, your creativity, and sometimes your humor -

Giorgio ("I'm from the Planet MyHairsTooTall") from "Ancient Aliens"

Let's look at just some of the lineup for Science Channel:

Wonders of the Solar System
The Planets
Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole

UFOs Over Earth
What the Ancients Knew

Submassive Black Holes
Meteorite Men
Dark Matters
How Do They Do It?
How It's Made
Are We Alone?


  1. I LOVE 'Ancient Aliens!'

    I wish my hair did stuff like his!! It seems to be wilder and wilder every time he's on!

    Now that I think about it, I DID have a colleague with hair like his!!


  2. Giorgio.. is HYSTERICAL.
    I saw him in a History thing on Aliena recently.. and I swear his face popped on the screen... Klay and I spit out whatever we were drinking... AT THE SAME TIME.