Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Is Bigfoot Exceptional?

I do not say this casually, but I expect a similar sort of film coming out involving the Bigfoot in coming years.

Evidence of his existence can no longer be ignored, but what we are left with is the greatest question. No, not the question about just what IS Bigfoot genetically, but the question of how has he managed and why has he chosen to secret himself for so many centuries.

Less intelligent creatures are stumbled upon all the time in the wild, but Bigfoot is not. Honestly, having seen one and its stride, I know that it is part human. Its brain capacity is surely adequate that he has the ability to evaluate a situation and find the best way to handle it. To remain basically a primitive tribe in a modern world is not a task of stupid people. It is a task of survivors.

And, survivors always find a way.

If you were greeting a relative who was perhaps slow-minded or had been raised in a feral situation, you would not approach waving your arms and shouting. It's my greatest hope that when we do come to the moment of interaction, we do so with great reverence and respect for a people who managed to maintain their lifestyle in the middle of a growing country.

And, like the Amish, we leave them to their ways and their space.

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