Monday, June 4, 2012

Tornadoes: Living Nightmares

It's that time of year that these horrifying beasts rip up our prized countryside. Here's just some of the results of such a vicious attack--Joplin, Missouri.

What causes tornadoes?

NOAA: Thunderstorms develop in warm, moist air in advance of eastward-moving cold fronts. These thunderstorms often produce large hail, strong winds, and tornadoes. Tornadoes in the winter and early spring are often associated with strong, frontal systems that form in the Central States and move east. Occasionally, large outbreaks of tornadoes occur with this type of weather pattern. Several states may be affected by numerous severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Did you know this?

69% of tornadoes are weak, 29% are strong and luckily only 2% are violent.

What do you do in a tornado?

Go to the basement if you have one. If not, go to an interior room on the bottom floor under a sturdy piece of furniture if you can. Do not try to outrun one in a car. Get out of the car. Do not stay in a trailer-leave it.

As if they are not horrifying enough, tornadoes often show up in people's nightmares. Research shows it's a pretty popular recurrent theme and could represent one of these issues: - "He has a terrible TEMPER!" - "It caused a lot of TROUBLE" - "I just need to get through this" - "They have so much ENERGY" - "I was so STRESSED out" - "I did not expect it to be that bad"

"Twister" (kicking soundtrack!)


  1. I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama and we are STILL recovering from last year's F4.
    I've seen one tornado in person, (not last year's) and it's hard to describe how big, powerful and strangely beautiful they are.
    As far as tornado dreams, I've had them all my life and wonder what they mean.

  2. My Mohawk mother maintains that tornadoes are a form of "Red Man's Revenge" against the American public. Geronimo could supposedly summon them, and that's why it took 3/5 of the US Army so long to capture him.