Monday, June 11, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Makeout Music

I've talked about how men are visual and they need to see flesh to get excited. Well, women need mood and atmosphere. We want to feel like our experience is magical and the man is the hero of our dreams. We need lighting, comfort, and music.

Depending on the makeout music, it can be a slow tasty teasing or a fast intense romp. You have to have your right music for the right intention.

Here's my top makeout music list:

Stevie Ray Vaughan "Cold Shot"

Adele "Lovesong"

Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"

Sting "A Thousand Years"

What is your favorite makeout music?


  1. This is sad, I am coming up blank.

  2. I actually have made out to sex on fire. lol.

  3. Seduction by The James Last Band ;-)

  4. Sade...anything Sade....