Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Does the Ghost World Work?

Other than accounts of people who have experienced near-death experiences and explanations passed down by spiritualists and psychics from the past, the actual process of entering the ghost realm and manipulating the physical world without a body is a giant void for those of his researching the paranormal.

Why can ghosts imprint voices on recording devices without being heard by the living?
Why do they sometimes get enough energy to move objects, but not all the time?
Why don't they respond to us every time when we ask for proof of the presence?
How can a location be very haunted one night, completely devoid another night?

We can make some very astute assumptions about the ghost realm -

1. It involves difficult communication processes, or else we would hear from them constantly, especially nagging deceased parents.
2. Not every location is active. This might be explained by the physical makeup of a site, the site's history or even the occupants today on the site.
3. Even methods of detection that might work, such as EVPs, are still rough and not always clear and certainly not more than a few words.

The explanation of other dimensions works quite well in the case of poor communications. We might have a photo that looks exactly like us, but without a mind and a perception of depth, that 2-dimensional object cannot interact with a 3-dimensional one. We, as limited 3-dimensional beings with 5 senses (or even 6), may be unable to conceive of what is right there around us now, everywhere. Mr. 2-D photo can't imagine depth and so cannot perceive of us humans walking right around him (that is, if Mr. 2-D had a mind).

Ultimately, we can't know about the ghost realm until we ourselves enter it, unless at some point,we find a way to hone in on the "frequency" of such activity. Right now, it's like we get white noise with an occasional word coming across, such as when you spin the dial on an old-fashioned radio. If ghosts are human spirits, then their spirit form is not necessarily efficient or effective at sending messages to those in physical form still OR we are simply poor receivers of such information that is out there.


  1. One of the arguments for the possible existence of ghosts is that they are scientifically confirmable entities, but they are beyond our scientific understanding.

    Given that possibility, I don't understand why a place like the Koestler research centre does not gather the common factors in hundreds of ghost story accounts. One ghost-related consideration that comes up again and again is temperature (cold). Another is electricity, or a charged feeling in the air. Another is electro-magnetic and geo-magnetic factors. Why don't they investigate these kinds of factors as they relate to spectrums beyond human perceptibility? I had one blog post on a fellow in the UK that was doing this for sound waves beyond our hearing range.

  2. This post and the above comment are just awesome, a joy to read.

    I love learning more about this stuff!

  3. Love this post Sis. I think a LOT of it is that so many of us are just poor receivers of their information. I have been fortunate to have several ghostly experiences, yet my boyfriend has not had one (except a possible shadow). He craves the chance to have an "experience" yet, he just doesn't. Maybe he's trying too hard or maybe he just isn't as perceptive, intuitive, or whatever. I have developed the ability (or maybe I've always had it) to pick up on "energy" or "feelings" in some places. I would like to credit this to my American Indian heritage since I have seen numerous shadow animals, but who knows! It's interesting to note who can have these experiences and who just "gets nothing".

    Tara (Bandhura)