Horror Bloggers: Here's Resources For Posts

Here's some of the big horror sites that might tell you things you didn't know.

Rue Morgue
Has horror fiction, magazine format, cinema.

Upcoming Horror Movies
This site is where I learn everything that is being made from horror movie concepts being knocked around to ones in production to ones being released. It's an enormously good source for horror movie lovers.

Dread Central 
Video, TV, movies, trailers of all things horror

Movies, TV, reviews

You want someone to send you notices once a day about things in the news on certain subjects like "zombies," "serial killers," "ghosts," and more? Sign up for free Google Alerts.  You set the search words and it sends you the news having to do with those subjects.

Twitter:  On Twitter, be sure to follow "zombie blogs" or "horror movie magazines" or any other types. When they tweet, they often have links to cool things going on and updates on movies in production from Indie filmmakers.

Cable Channels: Going to sites for Chiller and Syfy Channels, you can find out what shows and movies are coming out to cover them ahead of time.

Haunted Attractions: If you go to haunted attraction sites, they often have newsletters that keep you updated. You can report on the plans for this October's events ahead of time. 

Other Bloggers:  You can interview and report on other bloggers and what they're up to and also consider that when people leave comments, they often trigger an idea for a future post.


  1. Other bloggers? Wait a minute, that sounds suspiciously like... like networking! Are you sure you're not selling Amway here? (LOL!)

  2. The Google alerts has done wonders for Z.E.! :D


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