Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dog Man

Michigan is best known for the Legend of the Dog Man. In fact, here's a site devoted to it.

A 1987 sighting of two men driving in a car and seeing one alongside the roadway was described best, "In the headlights of the car, it appeared to be a human-like figure covered in grey fur. As they got closer and passed the figure, both of them got a very good look at it. It was the size of a man, stood on two legs, it was covered head to toe in grey fur, and had a wolf-like face. It even raised its hands and seemed to snarl at them as they drove by. They said it looked like a werewolf out of a Hollywood movie."

This creature was first reported in Michigan in 1887. It has been reported in Wisconsin, as well. Linda Godfrey has become an author of many books on the subject. In 2007, a film surfaced called the Gable Film. Shot perhaps in the 1970s shows what many believe to be the Dog Man. It was later found to be a hoax.

Another witness described it this way; "7-8 feet tall, covered in brown fur, had a wide chest and muscular physique (body more akin to a man than Sasquatch’s is reported to be), had a canine-like head, closely resembling a German Shepherd or other wolf-like dog, with large pointed ears."

Getting shivers yet? 

Cyanocephaly: Having the head of a dog or jackal.  Do you ever wonder why the ancient Egyptians had jackal-headed people? Hmm.... Did they know something we have forgotten?  Many ancient cultures have had dog-headed humans in their art and literature. Why? 

The Scots have a legend of the Wulver, a werewolf-like creature originating from the Shetland Islands. In their context, it is not a shapeshifter or human, but an immortal spirit. He lived in a cave, kept to himself and didn't mess with people if they didn't mess with him. 

In American, our version is popularly referred to as the Beast of Bray Road. This comes from a 1980s sighting in Wisconsin. This creature wasn't seen to turn from man to dog or back and forth, but because of the upright ability and dog face, it was called a werewolf. 

This photo above is called the Beast of 7 Chutes. Taken in 2005 by a waterfall in Quebec, this supposed creature was proclaimed "Dog man!"

So, if the dog man were real, would you rather run into him in the woods or Bigfoot?


  1. My dear Autumn, you had to know that I could not resist commenting on this post. Here are three observations:

    1) Given the dogman/manwolf tendency toward aggressive display and the stories like the Beast of the Land Between the Lakes, where the creature is alleged to have done harm to humans, I think I would choose a sasquatch for an unplanned encounter. The Big Guy seems most likely to throw rocks at you if you get too close . . .

    2) No matter how I look at it, the Beast of Seven Chutes looks like an escaped mandrill or baboon to me, not the classic canine headed dog man.

    3) I am a huge fan of Linda Godfrey's work and am excited to see that she has a new book coming out this summer.

    While I am sure that I would have the same reaction as most dogman witnesses, i.e. terror, if I ran into one unexpectedly, I would still love to stalk the forests of Michigan and Wisconsin in search of this interesting beast.

  2. Dog man looks flat out freaky! lol.

  3. Being in Michigan, I'd probably be more LIKELY to run into the Dog Man - but I think I'd rather encounter Bigfoot because he has better P.R.