Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy Train Update!

Tonight from 8-10 pm (EST), Julie and I will be on Denise's Paranormal Head Rush radio show program on ParaEncounters radio. We hope to see you there on the live message board and interacting, or just sit back and listen.

Update on the Crazy Redhead -

Yes, much of my life is zombie-oriented these days, but that's not all I'm up to. Of course not!

I have my favorite horror anthology book, a 324-pager that has been on Kindle, going up onto Createspace so readers can have a hard copy of the book. It's a keeper! Each story is timed so you know how long it might take to read that one and if you have time for it. I will let y'all know when "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" is up for sale in paperback in the next few days.

Julie and I are putting our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) to paperback too by reader request and have added some snazzy art work and more detailed writings about the locations and psychic skills. Of course, y'all will be first to know about it.

The 1960s zombie book, "Zombie Housewives of the 1960s" is almost completed and ready for the publisher. It is our pride and joy. It's gorgeous, it has tons of content, it takes the 60s and never makes them the same again! You will love our characters, Blossom and Colleen, as well.

My book "Growing Up With Ghosts" is very very close to going to the publisher. I find myself re-reading it for pleasure instead of editing which is a very good sign. It contains my family and my own memories of what it was like to live in a very active haunted house and to share with people that, when you are raised in one from babyhood onward, it seems very normal and part of the natural world, even when at times it can be quite shocking and creepy.

There are tons of other little projects going on. Julie and I celebrate the 60s book next week at a resort and you can expect a drink in the pool photo like last year, but I might just do a drunk impression of Giorgio--the big haired guy from Ancient Aliens--we will see if I can get my hands on Godiva Liqueur again.

Other potential books on the horizon: the 70s and 80s versions of the zombie book and perhaps a zombie husbands book of the 90s. Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted, Paranormal Geeks, Nocturnal: They Only Come Out At Night, Seance in an Abandoned House, MetaNet.

Love life? Don't even ask. I'm always free for flirting, but most of the best men are not here locally.


  1. =)
    I got these super cool stickers, magnets and signed bookmarks in the mail from AZ...
    Wonder who they were from!!!


    Love you both.