Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best of Horror Movies

Here's my best of list -

Best use of dolls in a horror movie
Dead Silence
Runner up: Tourist Trap

Best seance scene in a horror movie
The Changeling
Runner up: Legend of Hell House

Best hero in a horror movie
30 Days of Night
Runner up: The Last Man on Earth

Best heroine in a horror movie
Runner up: Friday the 13th

Best haunted house set in a horror movie
The Haunting (remake)
Runner up: Red Rose

Best atmosphere and mood in a horror movie
Silent Hill 
Runner up: The Wolf Man (remake)

Best "oh-shit-we-moved-into-a-haunted-house" movie
The Amityville Horror
Runner up: Insidious

Best scary man-sized doll movie
Runner up: Fear


  1. MmmmmmmmmMmmmmmm.... I love all of these movies!

  2. Great choices! It's weird, I wanted to love Insidious, I even watched it twice. I enjoyed it, but I feel that the demon could have been better. I loved the use of Tiny Tim's Tip toe through the Tulips though. Fitting. :)

    1. I agree about Insidious. It had basically taken a lot of other done-before horror movies and used their parts, but one thing Wan does great is mood/atmosphere, but he has trouble with original storytelling, kind of like Tim Burton. I loved the Tiny Tim song too. If he could have only stretched out those moments of total creepiness and spent less time making a campy ending like he did in Dead Silence...

  3. Good list. There are a couple on it I haven't seen, and I'll have to seek them out.

    One of these days, I need to do a "favorites" list... I've done enough of the "movies I hate/think are stupid" ones that it's time to balance it out.

    On "Insidious," I loved that movie until the ending. I am really REALLY sick of "surprise twist endings" that are anything but surprising because they've been overdone. Just end the movie when the stories over, filmmakers. (I just watched an excellent ghost movie last night that did just that--"Tied in Blood"--and I'll be posting my review later today.)

    1. I so agree. Wan and M. Knight and Tim Burton--all beautiful directors, but horrible horrible storytellers. They should team up with someone with some serious storytelling talent and then make movies that blow us away.