Friday, June 8, 2012

Are We Already Zombies?

Are we already zombies and just don't know it?

After all, zombie are not self-aware....

Some signs you might be a zombie and not know it -

You drive home from work and arrive and don't recall the drive at all.
You feel your pocket for your cell phone, needing to check it when you checked just minutes ago.
You go into a rant when you arrive at a vacation spot to find there is no WiFi.
You gobble your meal and don't recall the process.
You look back at the last week and can't recall one single meaningful thing you did.
You forget things unless you put up post-it notes and then you tend to ignore those.
You forget names.
You text in your dreams.
You answer your phone automatically without seeing who is calling.

Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse totally gets how one can wake up in the morning and continue the same day by memory without missing a beat, but perhaps having an increased appetite....

p.s. we want to thank the amazing reviews coming in and the reaction from folks who have read our book. Julie and I are just finishing up the touches on the 1960s version and it is so off the charts that all we can say is that it is our proudest work ever. We'll keep you updated on when it is released. For now, enjoy Liz and Stella from the 1950s. Those chicks seriously made zombie state look perfectly normal!

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