Tuesday, June 12, 2012

American Stonehenge Found?

 Are all our mysteries in the sea? After the search for the Baltic sea UFO and the men searching for Hollow Earth in the arctic sea, here's a new one to add to the sea mysteries-

A team of archaeologists looking for sea wrecks in Lake Michigan found a circle of stones underwater with the center one seeming to have a mastadon carved upon it. This was about 30 feet down in the water.

They believe it's from 10,000 years ago when the water was low in the lake due to the ice. It will, however, take many more dives to determine if the carving is genuine or perhaps just cracks in the rock. This is one I want to stay on top of--I love archaeological mysteries!

Go here to learn more.


  1. I've often wondered what archaeological mysteries we may find if we only looked in underwater places along where the old ice age coastlines would have been.

  2. Fascinating stuff. After digging up his lot to build his house, my ex and the kids find all kinda cool stuff at their dad's house. Apparently from prehistoric times when this was all under water.