Friday, June 22, 2012

Adult Halloween Party: Postapocalyptic Graveyard

As we get into summer, it's the time to plan your Halloween party. I believe in recycling and borrowing and making a party cheap so you can actually spend on the good part--booze and food.

My first party I'm going to suggest you plan is a postapocalyptic graveyard theme. This is one I did in 2009 with great success and almost no expense except for food/drinks.

It began with entry in the side gate to the back yard instead of through the house. Guests entered a side yard where I had taken some old wooden planting lattices and disassembled them and nailed them into wooden crosses and painted them with 99 cent fluorscent paint from the craft store. I put up a black light in the yard to make the crosses glow. And, I took some old hunting clothing and put it on a wooden post and stuffed the arms and put an old gas mask I had on it with a Viking Helmet I also had and printed out and pasted a nuclear waste symbol on the coat. This huge guy greeted people as  they came to the pool area.

The pool was simple. I cut out some bright green plastic and put it over the pool light lens to make the water neon green. I collected a couple dozen milk gallon jugs and poured fluorescent green paint into them, let it roll around on the inside and then printed out radiation symbols to put on the jugs and let them float in the pool. On the cinderblock walls around the pool, I filled the vines with huge pipecleaner and styrofoam ball spiders that were mutant sizes.

On the patio, I had old sheets that were torn and tattered for curtains, a great foot spread, and a wheelbarrel filled with ice for the drinks. The main part of the yard had ghosts in the trees, a grim reaper, bones coming out of the ground, and a graveyard that was made with styrofoam headstones.


I lit a fire pit. I took a projector and showed a Brothers Quay movie on the shed. This creepy movie has weird dolls disassembling and reassembling creepy dolls. I hung real dolls up in front of the shed

to give it a 3-dimensional effect.

The party was a huge success -

And I went as an autumn druid - A black hooded robe with a big slit up the gown and the arms in tatters and twisted vines with autumn leaves weaving in and out of the frayed fabric to hold it
together like loose stitches.

This party theme is totally a recycling one. You can go to abandoned sites and even have friends offer their junk from their yards to help make make-shift apocalyptic tents and all sorts of fun things.

I hope to bring you other themes as we start the planning for October now -


  1. Cool! I'm thinking of crashing it, wearing my meteor costume. ;)

  2. Sounds fantastic I love a party, but this year I’ll be at Whitby Goth weekend for Halloween so we might do something either before or after the date. After all Halloween, like Goth is for eternity not just life

  3. Where's the Friday chat night post? Or am I on the wrong night? lol had two beer and I'm already messing things up. lol

    1. Hey Natasha. I quit doing it a while back. Glad to see someone misses it.

  4. P.S I haven't been on here chatting since a few months. I thought I'd start back tonight.. lol!

  5. Aww. Poop! Well I'll be sure to check back to see if you ever pick it up again. I was always checking your blog out, it's been a few weeks since I've been here though..