1970s Horror Movie Types

The 80s were the slasher decade, but nothing beats the 70s for horror, both made-for-tv and theatrical releases. It was a decade obsessed with horror and it was a huge variety. Here's just some examples - 

Stalker: He Knows You're Alone, Someone Is Watching You, When a Stranger Calls
Slasher: Black Christmas, Halloween, The Hills Have Eyes
Psychological: Alice Sweet Alice, Suspira, Let's Scare Jessica To Death
Technology: Killdozer, The Car, 
Environment: Food Of the Gods, The Prophecy, The Day of the Animals
Witchcraft: Race With the Devil, The Wicker Man, Crowhaven Farm
Haunted Houses:  The Amityville Horror, Legend of Hell House,
Gothic:  Satan's Claw, The Dunwich Horror, House of Dark Shadows

The 70s rocked when it came to horror. Interesting, too, that it was a decade of gas shortages, inflation, recession, and now that we are back in similar-like times, horror is our favorite genre again. Hmm...


  1. He Knows Your Alone was filmed in Staten Island, NY.. and did you know it was Tom Hanks First MOVIE?

    My mother was a teen when this was being filmed.
    Very cool for her... She always talked about it.

  2. I couldn't NOT comment after seeing that picture of Darren McGavin as Kolchak: The Night Stalker. One of my favorite TV shows - right up my alley when I was a kid. I also remember watching the made-for-TV movies "The Night Stalker" and "The Night Strangler" that led to the series. (My admiration for Darren McGavin partially explains why I'm also such a fan of "A Christmas Story")

  3. I write for somebody who has my own limitations. My reader has a certain difficulty with concentrating, which in my case comes from being a film viewer.


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