10 Movies I Watch Most

Everyone has those movies they pull out depending on their mood or time of year. I have a list of movies that I practically wear out like favorite pairs of shoes.  

Jaws: My summertime staple. I put it on for 4th of July.

Halloween: Inevitably, by July, I've started my Halloween-itis. I am thinking about autumn and cool nights, scarecrows and pumpkins. I start watching it once a month in July and August and by September, I run it once every other week and by October, at least a few times a week. Just hearing the music in the background and lines, makes me feel like carving a pumpkin.

Joy Ride: I watch this when I want something creepy in the background while I'm writing horror, but something that, at any given moment, I can glance up and totally get caught up in it. I have always loved movies like Hills Have Eyes, Duel, and Joy Ride where motorists are at their most vulnerable. This one was just dark and creepy enough to be a total thrill.

Disturbia: Everybody did this in their neighborhood at one point when utterly bored during summer vacation--look at your neighbors in a new light, start observing their behaviors, looking for what's wrong. Like "The Burbs" and "Rear Window," this movie works and the hot cast and awesome soundtrack help too.

Devil Wears Prada: Purely girlie. I sometimes miss the old model gal I used to be. I still love clothing and style, though I liked it better when I was a size 4. So, I put on this movie and it reminds me of a time in my life when I was modeling and dreaming of going to NY and dressing in high fashion.

He's Just Not That Into You: Best romantic comedy ever, I believe. It is filled with sage wisdom on every level. Sometimes, I totally identify with the perky brunette, and other times totally with the blond-wanna-be-singer. It was a painful truth we needed to hear. We are all the rule, not the exception.

The Hangover: Just plain road-trip madness and hijinks. This is one you can put on and do something and look up every now and then and go "ha! I remember this part!" Then, get totally distracted into watching it because once it gets rolling it never quiets down again.

Rear Window: Sexy, classy, spooky, atmospheric. I just adore this movie. It's so easy to watch and always delivers.

30 Days of Night: It's tense, it's gorgeous, it's truly creepy, and it's cold and dark. This is the way vampires should be portrayed as completely unrepentant feasting machines with no souls. Beautifully filmed, a watch-from-under-the-blanket movie.

The Haunting (1963):  The creepy music, the dark house, the spooky talk of ghosts. This is a classic horror movie and filled with suspense and an eeriness that clings to you long after watching it.


  1. I could NEVER get into "He's just not that into you"

    I wanted to like it.
    And I just couldn't.

    How depressing is that!


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