Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombie Attack Again?

First, the dude chewing the other dude's face off. Now, another bizarre almost zombie-like attack. They all defy logic, but obviously there is some drug out there on the streets that is making people absolutely lose it.

In Hackensack, NJ, a man stabbed himself repeatedly in front of officers and then proceeded to throw his intestines at them.

Pepper spray didn't work.

They called in the SWAT team to help subdue him and get him to the hospital.


  1. OMG! Haven't seen this one yet! What I read yesterday concerning the face-eater is that apparently bathsalts are the "new" LSD. Now how they are using these is beyond me but it's use has increased ER visits recently. Makes the people feel like super-heros and have insane strength due to hallucinations according to the article I read. Weird. Time to hide the Bath & Bodyworks gift cards!


  2. Have they linked it to Bath Salts too?

    I swear... BathSalts may be the way the Zombie Apocalypse starts... It's completely feasable.

    I am taking another break from the project. God am I exhausted.

  3. "Bath salts" is the metaphoric/street name of a newish, synth drug; it's not actual Calgon sorta stuff they're taking...