Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Visitations From Dead Family Members

The most common ghostly experience the average person experiences, is the visitation of a deceased family member. This can come in dreams, visions, conversations, and other signs.

The majority of visitations from dead relatives occur at the time of dying or within the first week of death. There are also "crisis" visitations that can happen years and even decades later, in which someone having a baby, caught in a burning home, or feeling suicidal has a visitation and a shift in perspective that makes her realize that a loved one either wants to witness an important event or rescue her when she is in distress, a sort of guardian angel scenario.

One woman told me of her mother feeding the birds every day after retirement. Soon after retiring, her father died and her mother, a lonely widow, continued to religiously feed the birds. She ended up living another 30 years, her lawn perpetually hounded by hungry birds. 

The day her mother passed in hospice care in the home, the birds on the lawn all at once flew off en masse. She got a shiver and realized she had never seen them do that ever before. She took it as a sign they were escorting her mother's soul.

I myself had an incident when my father passed. We came home from the hospital after he had a good day following his heart attack. We celebrated and then went to bed. I was lying on my bed in my room, the door locked, a habit I had gotten into as a teen who wanted privacy. I woke up when I felt someone tugging on my big toe. I squinted into the darkness to see the dark shadow of my father. He always tugged on my toe when he came home from a business trip because once his airplane nearly crashed and I got scared, but mother wouldn't let me stay up to meet him each time, so he would give me a sign he made it home. I figured the hospital had let him out and he was fine. I moved to sit up and the phone rang. I looked over at it and then back, and my father was gone. My sister pounded on the door that we had go to go the hospital NOW! I got dressed and we rushed over there and he was lying dead and peaceful in his hospital bed.

Many people I've known have had signs that their dead parents were there for the birth of the grandchild and they felt they were now guardians, even naming the children after them. One even had a son who at the age of 5 mentioned the man near the closet. They were worried about that comment until they asked more about him and the boy said, "He has a cane and white hair. He's very very tall and he wears a clock on his chest." It was the great-grandfather who died before the boy was born. He wore a pocketwatch, had a cane, was very tall and had pure white hair. The only problem was, her house had burned down as a child and all photos of her grandfather had burned and so her son had never seen his image.

So, do deceased family members visit us. It would appear, they do.


  1. After my Uncle Leo passed.
    The evening of his wake actually.
    We had to leave early... Emry broke out in hives... someone had given him SOMETHING with soy in it..
    Off Topic.

    We got home.'
    And My dad and I were just listening to our house.
    There was an obvious presence.
    There were certain indications it was my Uncle Leo...
    And then... Chimes.
    No one in our neighborhood has chimes... nor did we at the time... I heard them distinctly.

    Then everything was calm.

    I bought chimes the next day.
    Made me think of my uncle.

  2. I came to this page because I'm in the middle of writing a song about dream visitations by deceased relatives...on 2 separate occasions this has happened to me...

    The first was a week or two after my sister(my only sibling) passed. She came to me and without saying a word gave me great reassurance and a feeling of peace...specifically, she communicated to me that I should not worry about my finances as I would always be okay...it was a powerful experience...

    The second experience is more akin to what you have posted here. My mother was finally made a DNR after years of declining health and diminishing returns from healthcare interventions...a shell of a human being...the last time she was lucid, I was at her bedside in hospital...she reached out her arms and hugged me HARD and said that she did not want to die...shortly after she lapsed into unconsciousness...the family spent 2 days at her bedside waiting for the inevitable...I grew fatigued and went home to rest...it was a Saturday morning and I laid down on the couch to take a nap...Mom came to me in the dream...she said nothing, but she looked whole and healthy...we were on a boat together and I had just hooked into the biggest fish ever...she smiled ear to ear and patted me on the back...she was telling me that she was proud of me and that everything was okay...I was awakened from that dream by my wife who had my aunt on the phone...my aunt passed along that Mom had just died....it was uncanny

    Powerful experiences...and as real as this keyboard I'm typing on...thanks for the post.

    1. I'm glad you found this post. I deal with a lot of folks who have had such experiences and need to make sense of it. It comes in a dream state most often because our minds are simply on a wave length to be reachable. The conscious mind that is necessary for life as a biological form that must eat and fight the elements, makes it harder to make that contact. I liken the connection to an umbilical cord of sorts, over time, it dissolves and it's harder to have that contact, but not unheard of in the right situation. You are blessed that you were able to receive the message and interpret it. Hugs and healing.