Monday, May 28, 2012

Style of the Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse Book

Of the many people who have bought our book, we have received many varying compliments from, "why hasn't someone done this sooner--it's so obvious and so true!" to "the style of the book is like nothing I've ever seen."

We not only wanted to put in horror, humor and social commentary, but Julie and I also wanted to portray a kind of online look that is sexy, easy and fun to read and varied so that you never get bored between narrative, interviews, tips, photos and captions.

It is our hope to bring to the printed publishing industry a new look and feel that is suitable for the online crowd. We want pretty books for our shelves and ones that break up the lengthy content of most books into something that is do-able in  small bits. We only have so much time to read, so having a page that is varied makes it possible to say "Ah, I can read until the next large capital letter or the next icon and then stop." Art should be a part of books, as well. We need visuals as well as the written word to bring mood, set the stage for action, and create suspense.

We appreciate so much the fantastic feedback for our book and we hope that everyone who reads it goes onto Amazon and leaves their comment. We love the official feedback, as well.

We're editing our 1960s version of the Zombie Housewives series and it is so over the top amazing that it might be our favorite book of all time.

Here's a teaser -

P.S. Thanks Barry Huddleston at Gnostalgia for the amazing review!


  1. Oh boy, "Barry the handsome zombie" Book part deux!

  2. I will be a busy girl getting photos and logos ready for the next book and loving every minute of it. Yes, thanks again Barry!

  3. Oh boy! Sometimes, I feel like we should do another book just of the insane things that happen filming and writing the next book.

  4. Love the teaser shot of the sixties zombie housewives! I've got your book on my Amazon wish list (for when I've got some spare funds). Congrats you two. This is a wild ride you've embarked on! :)