Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stupid Motorist Law

We had an amazing rainstorm the other day here in AZ. No big deal to most folks, but I literally had not seen rain in daylight hours in about 7 or 8 months at least. It was wonderful. The problem with living in the desert, though, is that we have arroyos (washes) that fill up quite quickly because the hard-baked ground will not absorb the water. For some reason, we have no storm drains to speak of. In fact, the roads are pitched to be high in the center, low on the sides, so if you're in the slow lane, you're SOL.

There is also something very necessary here that makes other states laugh. We have a Stupid Motorist Law. This basically says, if you try to cross a running wash and get stuck in your car, you have to pay the fees associated with hauling your ass out.

Don't you wish we had more stupid laws? 

Which stupid law would you like to see on the books for your state?


  1. NY - Once your skin resembles the color of rough beat up leather, you must STOP tanning.

  2. Remember Zak Baggy-Pants and the gang tried to cross a wash leading to Vulture Mine? They came close to getting a "Stupid Motorist" ticket. We do have some dumbshits around here who can't seem to read a "Road Close because of flooding" sign. They deserve tickets and a thrashing.....haha!

  3. Despite the "NO SOLICITORS" sign we have on our front door, some solicitors continue to ring our doorbell. I want "Ignoring a No Solicitors Sign" to be a criminal offense here in AZ, and everywhere else for that matter. Also, if the ignoring solicitors claim that whatever they're doing isn't actually soliciting, that should bump it up to "Aggravated Ignoring a No Solicitors Sign."