Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Why Men Are Awesome!

I hear a lot of women lamenting about men and I do admit that in my almost 2 years of singledom, I have run into some real pieces of work from married men with no qualms about saying they're in love with another woman to men who kiss and run. As well, I've run into men who never got over their past mistakes and were haunted still decades later and those hoping to replace their ex-wife with another "mommy" to cook and care for them. Of course, not all men are awesome, but they have some awesome attributes and I can honestly say that the majority of them have an amazing capacity to love and a deep desire for someone to just appreciate them.

Here's just some of the awesomeness that I admire:

Men are more likely to be willing to sit and talk about paranormal subjects all night long, how the universe came to be, what other dimensions might be like, and what we would do in a zombie apocalypse.

They stimulate my mind.

Men are more likely to laugh at themselves and crazy situations. When can a woman call her friend a "butt sniff" or a "douche bag" and elicit a laugh?

They stimulate my humor.

Men are more likely to want to do things and not talk about them. "Is it possible to jump off the roof into the pool?" "How many hot dogs can I fit in my mouth?" "What if we built a bar in our garage?" I like to dream, but the excitement for me is in the doing and seeing if it can be done. Men want to know -- is it possible?

They stimulate my industriousness. 

Men are more likely to be in the moment while in bed. They aren't stressed and thinking about the kids in the next room. They're not contemplating if the boss hates him or what to have for lunch tomorrow. They are  into the sensations happening right then and there. The house could come down around him, but that man is going at it while he has a woman in his arms.

They stimulate my sensuality.

What's not to like? Men and women both have their shortcomings, but when it comes down to it, they have their assets too. If we spent more time on what we have with them than what we don't have, we'd all be happier.

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  1. I took a break from my project and I just went blogger crazy!

    I loved this post.

    Men and Women are both Sucky and Awesome in different ways.

    That's what makes us unique!