Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Paranormal Dudes Rock!

I really like men who are into paranormal things, conjecture, philosophy, contemplating the universe, string theory, ancient aliens, whatever! Gal pals like to talk fashion, relationships, dreams and such, but men are so much fun to talk to about all thing paranormal.

I'm working on a Paranormal Geeks book and it has me really contemplating how exciting it would be to have a man in my life that I like to talk all night long about these subjects as much as all the other fun stuff. A man who can play and think--the total combination!  Go searching for Bigfoot in the woods? Lay on a blanket under the stars and study constellations? Stay in a haunted B&B? Sneak into a cemetery after dark?  Explore an abandoned missile silo? They sound like dream dates to me.

Guys definitely have parts I like and need, but the biggest organ that impresses me is his brain.


  1. Without a brain, nothing else matters... and that goes for everybody!

  2. Oh boy.
    The comments are just as good as the article.

    He's out there.
    I just know he is.