Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rough Tough Dynamite's New EP!

Rough Tough Dynamite happens to be the band my son plays drums in, but I would only be mildly interested until I heard the music and went to "where have you been the last several years I've been looking for this kind of music?"

Here's a sample of an appropriate song "Ghost"

The band offers it free for download or a physical form for $5. Seriously, this is insane. The band did their EP release launch at a club in Phoenix and the reaction was so over the top from the audience including a total barrage of silly string and cannon confetti and people pogoing and trying to mosh, that it's obvious this band has the "IT" factor.

Want new music? A new fresh and fun almost surf-inspired music to add to your collection? GO FOR IT! Click here.

Support independent music by a bunch of freaking talented and highly creative and intelligent young men.


  1. I really like this. This will definitely be in heavy play on KLEO "you're favorite hits from a demented mind"

  2. Good stuff! I usually download music from Amazon, so that's where I went to get their album. Got five of the songs, but "Drive Thru Damsel" isn't available for download for some reason...

  3. i am loving the style... and the head is rocking.