Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reality Shows I Want!

No more fishing with your hands, in rivers looking for monsters, for tuna, for crabs (was fishing every fascinating to watch?)...

Here are some more intriguing reality shows I want to see -

Carnival Family: I want to follow a carnival family of workers as they go city to city, set up, have drama and issues and work at night.  

Haunted Castle: I want to follow a family living in a haunted castle.

Earth Ship Living: I'd like to see an episode about different people who built earth ships and live off the grid and are self sufficient. Why do they do? How do they do? What's it like to live in one?

And, if we had to follow a celebrity family, I'd like to hang with Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.


  1. I'd like to see one about a Haunted B&B. The people who want to spend time there, their experiences, different ghost hunting investigators, even whats for breakfast lol.

  2. I happen to like River Monsters. It's nice to see someone actually catch something. :)
    I'd still like to see a combination of DT and Sons Of Guns (or American Guns, for that matter).
    "Hey, guys. I got myself a Bigfoot problem. What I really need is a full-auto Saiga 12gauge with a heavy rifled slug barrel..."