Thursday, May 10, 2012

QUIZ: Best Zombie Scenario

It's time for a quiz again, my darlings. Count your a's, b's, and c's and find out what zombie scenario you are best suited for.

1. An ideal Friday night would be -
a. Staying home, watching TV with my significant other.
b. Going out with friends to see what's happening downtown.
c. Going window shopping alone.

2. At work, I tend to be -
a. The one everyone counts on.
b. One of the group, lost in the crowd.
c. Independent, I stay under the radar, anonymous.

3. Dream place to vacation -
a. Country B&B.
b. Ship cruise.
c. A resort.

4. When working in a group, I-
a. Like everyone to work together.
b. Take the lead, control the project.
c. Use my specialty and others use their specialties.

5. If I have to confront someone and be assertive, I need the backing of -
a. My family
b. My friends
c. Professional peers.

Now, count your a's, b's, c's and see which one you have the most of. Scroll down and find out what type of zombie scenario is ideal for you to face.

a. A farmhouse with my family
b. In a car on the road with my best friends
c. In a mall with a group of strangers


  1. 2 a's 2 c's and 1 b.

    So... I'm going to start out at a farmhouse with my family.... and then, I'm going to hitch a ride with some friends on the road AND when that shits the bed... I'm running to the mall and trying on EVERYTHING!

  2. Almost all A's (unlike my report cards - LOL!)

  3. I will be in a farmhouse with my family.

  4. I got me the road trip! :D Awwwww yea!