Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Zombie Book Must Read!

You might recall last October when Julie and I did the zombie walk in downtown Phoenix as our characters, Stella and Liz. The Department of Zombie Defense (DOZD) was there. These fantastic and fun guys show up at awesome events (saw them at ComicCon yesterday). In fact, I might have a wee crush on the whole lot of them! They do charity work, make events a helluva lot more fun, and they have talent too.

KE-12 by Shaun Hayes and Shane Painter is a fantastic fictional foray into a supposed zombie apocalypse that would involve their talented DOZD team in tactile maneuvers to deal with it. "When the deadly virus KE-12 outbreak starts at the Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico, Mankind is faced with two chooses, extinction or survival. The only hope for mankind may be a new Government unit The Department of Zombie Defense. The Department of Zombie Defense (DOZD) is faced with the unparalleled task of saving the human race. The events that transpire may not bring the end, but the beginning of the end."

These guys are truly wonderful examples of fun with horror and also teaching some real life skills of survival while preparing to protect the public from a zombie attack, though the zombies, Liz and Stella, would agree that's really unnecessary -

Here they are shooting Liz and Stella at the 2011 Zombie Walk downtown.

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