Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My UFO Sighting Last Night!

Last night, my buddy John and I took his huge awesome custom telescope out into the desert to see lots of cool stars and galaxies. We set it up at the abandoned trailer park site I have filmed at before (new film and pics coming soon--amazing place!)

 We were out there hours in the pitch black, silent desert and decided it was about time to take down the telescope and go. John went to the car to get some tools and I looked up to the southwest and saw an orange light. It was gorgeous. I then saw it go out, but another one came on even closer to me. Then, it went out and another one came on closer to me again and I called John. He looked up to see this happen 2-3 more times.

 We didn't know what to think. I knew it was something very unusual. There was no sound, no planes in the sky or anything that could explain the source.

I rushed to get my flipcam just in case it came back. He began to take down the telescope. I looked up and saw the orange light turn on again in a slightly more southerly position. It seemed to divide into two orange lights or gave that impression. They went off one after the other. A few minutes later, it happened again and this time both lights came on and seemed to move together in a very slow motion and then one by one the two lights went out. The next time it happened, John had his binoculars and said that he could see the stars around them, no structure blocking them out.

I began to film with my flipcam and they came on again while I was talking. We packed up the telescope and left, came back to my place and reported it to MUFON.

It was an experience I had never imagined running into. I had a fun night seeing Saturn, Venus, the moon and Mars and learning about constellations in a beautiful pitch black desert in the middle of nowhere. I didn't feel threatened by these lights. To me, they reminded me of lightning bugs, the quality of the light and the way they went on and off. It felt more like Marfa Lights or something to that effect, earth lights. I didn't get a sense of a vehicle, but then it was silent and there didn't appear to be structure associated with them. They did not seem to be flares, did not flicker, fizzle, or drop at all. The lights sometimes were close, sometimes further apart, and so didn't seem attached to anything that had fixed lights.

 It was an exceptionally interesting evening and I would like to find answers to what we saw.


  1. I speculate they know where to find you if you are a believer.

  2. cool! was the tiny white blinking lights in your video. i couldn't see orange.

  3. I was surprised it showed up on my flipcam screen because as I looked at the screen, it looked black. The light was very very orange and was not moving, so my flipcam makes another example of why videotaping UFOs sucks--unless you're on a tripod and have amazing filming capabilities, getting color and keeping it still can be tough. I had an expert tell me that he thought it was flares from Barry Goldwater Range. They really didn't seem like that at all. They didn't drop and had no hazy smoke trail or flutter. There also was nothing in the sky. We were watching it and no blinking planes or anything in the very black sky and total silence. I will see what happens. We might be able to find out if they were dropping flares. With Phoenix Lights, the flares looked very much like they were floating in the air, but these lights were very short-lived and random spacing and places in the sky. Not sure, but definitely exciting.

  4. Back when I was working graveyard shift in the prison system, one of the day shift officers called in to say he wouldn't be in for his shift because... hmm, no, that story would be much too long as a comment here. I'll probably post it on Garden of eZen later today, along with a link to the story here.

  5. And btw, a little while ago I thought of a possible rationale for there being a flying tire in the top image of that post, and added a footnote.