Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grant Wilson's Last Episode of Ghost Hunters


Well, tonight is Grant Wilson's last night on a regular season episode of "Ghost Hunters," although if the show survives, I suspect he will be back for an occasional cameo.

The future of the show? Here's how I would do it to take them into the next decade and assure the show's ratings and viewers -

1. Do not replace Grant, but do consider adding a member or two for the thinning cast--make them experts in some way and more middle-aged and seasoned so there's some credibility and please--personality. No more dead inside people like Kris, Amy and Steve. Bring real people who aren't self-conscious and who have opinions and don't mind voicing them to Jason.  Instead of replacing Grant, each week bring in a new co-host (see #2)

2. Stop the old format. No more going to haunted locations to answer cries for publicity or help, wander around in the dark whispering (which you shouldn't do if you have recording devices or you will assume it's a ghost's voice). Instead, each week take on a guest expert. That expert could be a demonologist, an EVP specialist, a researcher of poltergeists. Go to a location with experiments and new equipment in tow and try new methods, concepts, and input from the expert. In other words, change the thrust of the show where it belongs - research and advancing the field.

3. No more guest actors/musicians/housewives/wrestlers. Just tell Syfy Channel to shove it if they want to thrust more special guests on you.

I don't know what will happen with Grant. He had a great ride on the show and admittedly gave them some heart they desperately needed. He also was a fair ghost magnet. He might have been cloaked in some complaints of fakery, but we know his earnest desire to encounter the unexplained was genuine and real. Remember, these guys were doing it before they ever got a show, even at their own cost and time with their families. I suspect Grant will make some cameos in the coming season and those should cause a corresponding surge of viewers on those episodes.

Still, unless the show completely reformats itself, it hasn't a chance. I think most of us have to agree that just having shows of Grant and Jason alone on a hunt would have satisfied us. The scenes of the two of them rambling around a darkened building whispering and listening keenly were the ones that got our rapt attention more than any other team member combos.

I wish for Grant a happy respite, time with his wife, children and friends, and the exciting and scary part of reinventing himself and his goals.


  1. If the show comes back, I wonder if Amy will be on. I read on Twitter she is pregnant.

  2. It still is unclear why he's leaving. He's keeping it closed mouth, kind of like his experience that got him hunting in the first place.

  3. While I agree with you on several of your opinions...1) Ghost Hunters does need to bring in a more seasoned middle-aged investigator. Someone with a fuller repertoire of life experiences would be a BIG plus for the show. 2) Yes, SyFy needs to cut it with the guests who are just the celebrity of reality TV du jour...they add nothing to the show. If nothing else, they turn what might be credible into incredible and it comes off very amateurish. 3) New cutting edge investigative equipment would definitely add some new sparks, which would help with their problem of redundancy.

    However, I have to disagree with the type of investigations you would like to see disappear. The cry's for help at residential homes and the hope for validation at the smaller venues are just the types of investigations that drew me to Ghost Hunters in the beginning. I get so tired of seeing the same well known haunts investigated over and over again. I want to see how people react to and resolve the hauntings that affect ordinary lives on a daily basis. There is some fascinating history at some of these smaller locales which in turn leads to an interesting investigation. Don't get me wrong, I think they also need to balance it by throwing in some well known haunts for a change of pace. I like some variety to my Ghost Hunter viewing and keeping the "human interest" storyline in the mix I feel is necessary because those type of investigations are what set it apart, in my opinion, from another well known show which airs on the Travel Channel.