Grand Canyon Ghost Stories Book Review

I have known Debe Branning for 9 years. She embodies all things history and hauntings in Arizona. What I respect about her is her attitude. She rolls up her sleeves, hits the AZ roads to the most obscure places, talks to the old-timers, and then spends her weeks holed up in libraries and city halls studying old records to get the stories straight. She doesn't just want to know how to hunt ghosts (MVD Ghostchasers) and understand folklore, she also wants to know the REAL stories. 

So, kiddies, sit back in a dark cool room with blankets over your laps and prepare for some serious ghost stories, all extremely well researched and involving the Grand Canyon, a mystical place to anyone who has ever gone there. It haunts you long after you leave. Apparently, after reading these stories, it truly does haunt you.

My interest was in the story of the man who found mummies in tombs inside the Grand Canyon and the UFO stories, but the stories go on from there to include Harvey Girls, brothels, rangers, all kinds of mystical happenings and even good luck involving a bell. The stories are short, have the authentic telling of real old west ghost tales and mystical Native-American-inspired ghostly mists and all the trappings of history and hauntings meeting on the desert floor and rising like spookish mirages.

I hope this book not only inspires some spine tingles and appreciation for the old west, but also a hankering to go to the Grand Canyon and experience it all. It is truly an experience everyone must put under their belt and on their bucket lists.

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