Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Will They?

F'ing Bigfoot--will they find Bigfoot?

Hell no!

I love this show and it's really as much about the team's quirky lovable personalities and their personal desires to look for answers. "Finding Bigfoot" might not be a literal title, but it is a figurative one. They are searching for answers; where is this creature? Why does it secret itself? How does it communicate? Why can't we capture one?

A new season will be arriving soon. Expect to see me doing my MST3000-style live blogging on Bigfoot Evidence as I did last season.

I look forward to the locations and the locals' stories. Of course, there's nothing quite as fun as seeing them hit the woods with their FLIR and IR cameras, banging on trees, lighting torches and placing some mannequins around a campfire. Sometimes, it seriously resembles Gilligan's Island. And, for that, it has endeared itself to me.

No, they aren't going to make huge scientific strides, but we sure are going to have fun going with them, asking questions, talking to people, seeing forests we may never see, and listening to the sounds of a forest come to life at night.


  1. As much as I want to believe in them in finding big foot, I really don't think they will...

  2. I think BF is having fun messing with them. I love the show and looking forward to the next season especially the one shot in Payson.

  3. I admit I haven't seen the show; and would truly like to see verifiable evidence. That said? Stranger things have happened. Say... was this orb-shaped planet not flat just a few hundred years ago?? :D