Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Blogger help is no help.

I complained multiple times about a psycho person who is using my name and my blog's name and stealing things from my blog, trying to comment on my blog with nonsensical obscene comments and going onto other blogs using my blog's name and leaving insane comments. Blogger's help? NONE!

They are aiding a person who is impersonating and stealing and tormenting bloggers. Blogger is grossly neglectful. You must know that Blogger will not help you.

This psycho person goes onto many blogs, signing on with my blog's name and leaving comments. If you get a comment from Ghost Hunting Theories and a disgusting naked profile pic, it is not me. I am Autumnforest. This person is not only an imposter, but is very likely stealing your blog's pictures, names, doing disgusting things with them, going onto other blogs using your blog's name. She has done this to many sites she comments on.

I have her name and number and address if you would like it. We are going to seek legal means because Blogger will not take down her grotesques sites.



  1. I take it you've already sent a polite cease and desist to this miscreant and she ignored you? If so, I can foresee a relatively easy case. Not necessarily cheap, but I would think you have plenty proof that this blog is part of a business effort and that she is actively harming you with these impersonations.

  2. It is so wrong that you should have to waste your time and resources on this lunatic. Really sorry that you're having to deal with this. I hope it gets resolved soon.

  3. The easy way around that is to change your account password.

  4. It's not an issue of this freak getting into my account, she simply started her own account using my blog's name as her name and a variation of my blog's name as her address and then copied my contents and put them up.

  5. I'd definitely try a cease and desist letter sent FROM AN ATTORNEY as you can send them on your own, but with a lawyers signature and his/her own letterhead, that might get her attention quick! I will be doing the exact same thing to a blogger here very soon due to bullshit lies, accusations and comments on her own blog dealing with those I love. It's all about burden of proof and the damage it has potential to cause. And, of course, it's defamation of character and libel because it has been written as opposed to the spoken word. If you can get her to stop with a "threat" of legal action, then it would be worth the time and small cost before having to go full-blown lawsuit. Just a thought my Big Sis!