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The Garden of eZen is run by a man (Scrolling Stone) in my extremely talented writer's critique group. He did that wonderful post on me today that shocked and surprised me.

Ours is a writers group with no infighting and jealousy, we help each other all the time. I have talked a lot of writers through the process of ebooks and PR/marketing and others have given me insight into good publishers. We want to see each other succeed and every time another writer publishes, we want to celebrate! It gives us hope and with the group being both talented and great at editing, we get things done.

This talented writer and blogger has lots of exciting interests and focuses which means my "awesome nerd" signal is flashing. I am happy to consider him a member of my tribe and thrilled that Arizona occasionally manages to spit out interesting, talented, open-minded, and fun people. He is a writer I am definitely watching keenly.


  1. I checked them out. Very nice article and blog.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Sharon! And you're right, we do have a wonderful writers' group.


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