Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alien Visitors?

I just cannot freaking give this subject up. Something about Mexico calls to me and it's not white sandy beaches, Margaritas or authentic cuisine, it's the freaking alien/UFO thing connection.

I am always stumbling across things from Mexico that make me feel like it's not just a bunch of separate events and situations, but is all connected.

Mexico's geology is awesome for weirdness. There really is a connection with the freakiest shit in the world and an ore-rich soil. Here's some things that put Mexico in my curiosity/theory radar scope:

Mass UFO sightings. The ones in Mexico are some of the best.

Flying Humanoids. These look like a humanoid hovering, flying as if it has a jet pack. They have been seen mostly over Mexico and the Southwest.

Dead alien carcass. Farmer kills a tiny alien by drowning it in an irrigation canal, taking hours for it to drown. It's body is studied by the team at Monsterquest. It's skeleton is like a lizard, its teeth do not have roots like a human, it's brain was huge, it had joints like a human.

Starchild Skull. This bizarre skull was found in Mexico in 1930. The misshappen skull was so deformed that it caused wonder. Studying it created a bigger puzzle, it wasn't just a deformed skull, it had no sinuses, the proportions were all wrong, the neck inserted in the wrong way, and the very material of the 900-year-old skull was strangely woven. DNA proved a human mother but some DNA that could not be correlated with any of the races of the earth.

Okay, my brain hurts. Theories anyone???


  1. I'd say Alllieeeeennnnssss... but then you would be entitled to hit me....

    I got NOTHING!

  2. Oh man that thing is freaky looking!

  3. Creepy little skeletons! Mexico seems to be a hot spot of paranormal activity.

  4. Check out the book "UFO Danger Zone". It's full of really amazing UFO-related attacks on people in Brazil, some of which have resulted in death.
    A lot of the military and government evidence was purchased by an unnamed US interest. (I'm guessing Robert Bibelow, but don't quote me!) :D

  5. Maybe they don't have as many cats down there in Mexico? We harbor nine here, plus a couple of very curious dogs, so I don't think any tiny aliens would last long in our yard. OTOH, they have coyotes down there, so I dunno...