Friday, April 6, 2012

Who To Listen To In the Bigfoot Field

Bigfoot Evidence's "The Extinct?" podcast 

My top 3 favorite Bigfoot blogs for info (follow these immediately)

Bigfoot Evidence  Anything and everything happening right now in the BF world.
North American Bigfoot Cliff Barackman from "Finding Bigfoot" voice of reason and wonder.
Bigfoot Lunch Club Guy Edwards seriously knows his BF stuff and is always fair and insightful.
(runner up)

People to listen to
Mike Rugg  - very intelligent and thoughtful, a voice of reason
Cliff Barackman - truly passionate about the subject, level-headed, and intelligent
SnowWalkerPrime - Team Tazer Bigfoot - I highly value intelligence with sense of humor/wit. SWP has those. He has my rapt attention. Y'all know that it's my M.O. to be thrilled by nerds who can laugh.
John Bindernagel - wildlife biologist and well published author on the subject.
Jeffrey Meldrum - consistently a believer in the face of his position at the university. You have to admire that.


  1. I always wondered which big foot experts I could trust. Thanks! :D

  2. Bigfoot just stalked over, and he says that the only BF expert to rely on is HIM.

    He then took a leak on my laptop and Ate my goldfish.....


  3. I visited Mike Rugg in Felton last weekend. He's a fine gentleman.

  4. Ghost Hunt Weekends is hosting a Bigfoot Hunt April 21, 2012 in Morehead KY. Get the details