Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Horror Reads: Author Jason Gehlert

Now that Julie and I have a book published with Black Bed Sheet Books, I just had to poke around and found that another author published on there has some of the most amazing, gritty, action-filled, tense, and taut horror novels. So, I had to interview him.

Enjoy this interview with a prolific horror writer, Jason Gehlert.

Autumnforest: . Why do you do horror?

Jason:  Because doing corpses is illegal.. :> I write horror because it allows me the versatility and creative forum to engineer stories for the mind's soul. That soul that craves dark, hideous monstrous figures, rampaging through the pages, tearing apart the very fiber of the reader's sense of reality and imagination.

Autumnforest: Do you have a favorite theme or monster?

Jason: Theme? Sharks and werewolves. Maybe a were-shark? OOO, a hairy Great White... Seriously-I dig werewolves, they never get any love. Anything that sparks my interest usually sets forth the process.

Autumnforest: Are your characters or locations inspired by real life?

Jason:  Yes. Next question... Oh, you want me to elaborate? Do I have enough time? I've always found real life inspires the best situations and characters to write about. I've used many family members for the basic membrane for several characters, and locations as well. Its easier to blend the two when you know what the fuck you're talking about 4. What are you working on now? Promotion for the Ferrymen, my paranormal, cop thriller through Damnation Books. My current writing project is my twelfth novel, and 3rd for Black Bed Sheet Books called Jeremiah Black, about the Devil's young apprentice/hitman who starts out right after Jack the Ripper's demise in London and travels across time to modern day San Francisco. Its intense. I'm also relaunching my werewolf trilogy Quiver, which currently is undergoing a professional edit, and is in pre-production with Wits-End Entertainment/Transmedia Studios. 

Autumnforest: Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a horror writer?

Jason: Hopefully filthy rich. Nah, screw that. I want to continue to enthrall my readers with edgier stories, deeper characters, and a bad guy here or there you wouldn't mind to secretly root for, before they get theirs in the end. I want one every of my books to be a cinematic blend of supreme storytelling and kick ass adrenaline. 

Autumnforest:  I'd like to thank Jason. If you get a chance to meet him at a book signing or event, you are very lucky. His personality and his writing come together into something quite riveting. I don't have any doubt that if you're looking for summer horror reads and a new favorite author to follow, you've found him. Here's some links to purchase his books. Give him a good looking over on Amazon and see if you aren't hooked too.