Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Women's Looks

Women always say they want a man who is handsome, but doesn't know it.
Men want a woman who is beautiful, but not one that does know it.


Here's how it goes:

A man who is handsome and doesn't know it, has developed other skills to depend upon other than his looks. It hasn't occurred to him that women are attracted to his appearance, so he has developed wit, intelligence, kindness and more. Men who know they are gorgeous develop no other skills besides gluttony. So, it's kind of like being married to a fashion photographer who spends his day with a huge pool of amazing women, so why would he want the same woman day in and out?

Men, however, want a beautiful woman, but if she doesn't believe she is beautiful, he finds himself babysitting an insecure, self-conscious woman and he grows weary of trying to convince her she's attractive. This includes women who apologize for their flaws right up front to let him know she's aware of them, women who try to hide or make love with the lights out, or remain in more complimentary positions, like lying flat. Even men, who are happy to have a bed partner, can feel a woman's attention focusing inward on herself instead of outward on him. Letting go of all your flaws and accepting your inner siren -- now that is the most beautiful thing to a man's way of thinking.

Simple fact, gals: Men are happy to see flesh and to have a woman who wants him as much as he wants her. When you are the one he is tasting, touching, exploring, and listening to your passionate sounds of arousal, you are gorgeous!

"Beautiful" Christina Aguilera


  1. Oh gosh this post hits right at home. I gotta constantly keep reminding my GF that she is pretty. insecurities...

  2. *smiles* I'm going to show you something.

    From Klay....
    I got it yesterday...

    "I don't tell you how beautiful you are often enough...when you catch me
    staring, it's always what I'm thinking, but I should vocalize it more
    frequently. It's why I watch you when you're asleep. I don't kiss you
    as often as you deserve, either."

    I blushed.
    It's nice to hear/read...

  3. Yup. Women don't care if other men find them beautiful, but it's critical that the men we are with do. So, men, never ever think it and not share it. Kat, that is the statement every woman waits her entire relationship to hear. Good for you. Good for him.

  4. Generalisations ahoy!