Scarefest & KillerCon

September 28th to 30th this year is the Scarefest event. A HUGE event held in Lexington, KY for fans of horror.

Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Aaron Goodwin (Ghost Adventures), Ghost Hunters International Team, and Chip Coffey are just a few of the paranormal guests. In the horror realm, there are guests such as Malcolm MacDowell, actors from "The Walking Dead," the Candyman, and Dee Wallace.

Midnight movies, haunted attractions, artisans and more give the total horror effect.

It has you thinking about plans for late September, huh? But, wait, there's another event -

KillerCon arrives September 20-23rd in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Hotel. This is a convention for horror writers. It has workshops on how to better edit your work and proper grammar usage, and pitch sessions with reps from the publishing companies. Oh, and, of course, some of the top writers in the industry.

Okay, September planning may commence now....


  1. Busy month....and my sis is having a big birthday that month too.

    1. Yes I will have to decide what insanity will ensue upon my mid September birthday....

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  3. Hi Sharon,

    Sandra here, formerly of MarbellaJewelry blog. It's been awhile, I don't know if you remember me. I was one of your earliest followers. I'm starting a new blog and hope to catch up with your blog. Good to see your blog again.

  4. Hey Sandra--I'm thrilled to hear from you! I missed you. Keep me posted.


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