Scapeghost: Renter's Remorse

I may have coined the term "scapeghost," but certainly not the activity: Families blaming issues on the paranormal.

A New Jersey couple fled their rental apartment and wanted to get back their security deposit because of doors opening and closing, flickering lights, and unseen forces removing their sheets as they slept.

There is much speculation that the couple could not make their expensive rent and found this as a way out of the contract. A hearing will be held in a few weeks to determine the outcome, but in the mean time, this sounds like another case of scapeghost.

What do you think?


  1. Scapeghost!!! Oh my!! You should submit that one to Urban Dictionary!!! I bet they don't get away with squat!

  2. They could have chosen a better way to squirm out of their rent. As far as I'm aware, ghosts are not legally recognized entities.


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