Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Radar Tracked UFO Event

Because of the major importance of the 1980 UFO landings in Rendlesham Forest near the RAF / USA joint bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, another important, well documented UFO sighting at Bentwaters is often overlooked.

Observations of unidentified objects by USAF and RAF personnel, extending over 5 hours, and involving ground-radar, airborne-radar, ground visual and airborne-visual sightings of high-speed unconventionally maneuvering objects in the vicinity of two RAF stations at night make this case a true "unexplained.". It is Case 2 in the Condon Report and is there conceded to be unexplained.

On the night of August 13-14, 1956, radar operators at two military bases in the east of England repeatedly tracked single and multiple objects which displayed high speed, as well as rapid changes of speed and direction. Two jet interceptors were sent up, and were able to see and track them in a brief series of maneuvers. According to official U.S. Air Force reports, the sightings could not be explained by radar malfunction or by unusual weather.

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  1. You know my experience with the UFO...
    This stuff just intrigues me...

  2. I'm only a few miles away from Gulf Breeze a UFO hotspot. It's so funny watching planes and satellites that other people demand are UFOs. Like other paranormal fields some people see UFOs , ghosts, and bigfoot in everything.