Protect Your Blog: Blogger Won't!

If you ever go into your STATS button and see Traffic Sources, you will see a lot of Google sources, cool and good and for you. The ones that are not Google--do not click on them. They may have goofy names, sound like awesome sites that are sending you traffic, have weird numbers and names. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. I know you are curious why that channel is bringing you traffic, but once you go onto their site, they can now link their site with yours. Many of these are Russian and overseas sites and they will do things like take your blog's name and use it, use your blog list, use your posts and your images.

PROTECT YOURSELF - BLOGGER WILL NOT. They allowed these referral sites a backdoor.


  1. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. +1. Thanks for the info Sharon!

  3. Ooops, I just clicked on one tonight...what do I do?

    1. Lewis. My advice is to take your blog's name and try variations of it with www and .com and .net and http:// and www.(your blog name) and such.

  4. Looks like I'm ok, thanks for the reply. I'll check it again later.

  5. Is that why someone with the name "Ghost Hunting Theories" left a comment on my page? lol

  6. Thanks Sharon. I don't post on my Blogger account but if I start to do so I will remember this.

  7. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to be extra careful from now on. So sorry this has happened to you. The world really is full of tools! :(

  8. You mean like all those douchebag sites that have those www4 in front of them ?
    Or are you talking about those sites that take your profile pic, and claim that they are you, and create a fake URL. Or how about this for a example - They create, and claim Max Evel has posted a new video , and you can check it out here , and then you click on it , and it's not a video , but a link taking you to another site to look at porn, or underwear.
    Yeah , I've had those f#cking issues.
    I love getting the bogus pageviews as well.
    Over a 1000 last month alone.

    Most of the people online are good people, but there are those who love to take advantage of others, and some just do bullsh#t hating. It's all part of becoming popular online.
    You are the popular girl on the block right now Sharon. Enjoy it !
    Hugs and Love at ya !

  9. OOOOH. sister... You and I are fighting this battle together.

    I swear, I love my blog and I love blogger... HOWEVER... COME ON... Protect your users!

  10. thank you, i see those all the time...

  11. Thanks I did try a week or so ago, but my securty (F-secre from Talk Talk) would not let it open !


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