Monday, April 9, 2012


I was on some panels at the LepreCon38 in Tempe, AZ yesterday. I'm not sure who planned this event, but it was Sunday- EASTER SUNDAY. So, very little attendance.

I got to sit in on my buddy, Kyle and his Zombie Squad fellow squad member speaking about how to survive a zombie apocalypse and it was about the best talk EVER on the subject.  I will be covering this cool organization on here soon. 

They discussed simple survival for if there is an emergency situation in your community and what you need to store, whether to bug-in or bug-out (sit it through in your location or go to another location). They talked about types of weapons and what to have in a bag to go that could help you survive 72 hours and the skills you would need to survive.

The talk was so fascinating and the organization so enchanting, that I got distracted from my turn to get up and talk with my buddy, Kyle, about DIY Ghost Hunting. We talked about the basics from equipment to locations, safety and protection, and much more. We let the group guide us on what they wanted to talk about and got into some cool subjects about physics and some of the bad equipment in the field.

I must admit, like always, the most fun part of a SciFi/Fantasy convention is the room where the art is displayed, weapons are for sale, crafts/art, role playing clothing, and authors book signing tables. I could wander around there for a long time just soaking it in and the interesting costumed characters. In fact, the man who showed me to my meeting room wore a beautiful billowing gown with jingle bells and sported very short bright blue hair. Now, that is my kind of convention!

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