Is California THE Bigfoot State?

What assumptions can we make about BF based on the top 5 states they are reportedly sighted in?

Top 5 most Bigfoot sighting States (BFRO reports) & Average Yearly Temp/rainfall
1. Washington (48.3 degrees F, 27.66 inches)
2. California (59.4 degrees F, 17.28 inches)
3. Oregon (48.4 degrees F, 37.39 inches)
4. Ohio (50.7 degrees F, 37.77 inches)
5. Florida (70.7 degrees F, 49.91 inches)

Top 5 Agricultural States
1. California
2. Iowa
3. Texas
4. Nebraska
5. Illinois

Top 5 States for Biodiversity
1. California 
2 Texas
3 Arizona
4 New Mexico
5 Alabama

Top 5 Fishing States
1. Florida
2. Alaska
3. California
4. North Carolina
5. Michigan

Top 5 States by Area/Size
1. Alaska
2. Texas
3. California
4. Montana
5. New Mexico

Other things to look for: Streams, cave systems, states with the most family/small farms, most rural states, and highest forestation states.

Of course, being ever practical, I also look at the most BFRO reports of BF and realize that some states are more populated, so more chances of people taking their weekends to the woods and running into them. There are also more states willing to talk about it and more rural states that take a more protective stance on talking about BF.

Some elements will always be necessary for survival like fresh water, fish, berries, mushrooms and, being a hugely agricultural country, our produce being grown in our own yards and farms. Obviously, BF is not the big stupid hairy guy we thought. He did, after all, manage to stay mostly hidden regardless of our efforts to rush into the woods banging pots, hollering, knocking on trees and bringing film crews in tow.


  1. It is an interesting question when you see the statistics broken down.

  2. Big Foot is a blur. LOL!!!


  3. Our skunk apes are fishermen...


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