Highway 666: The Devil's Highway

US 491, formerly US 666, passes through each of the 4-corner states; AZ, NM, CO, UT area.  Although the number came about by usual highway number methods, many were frightened by the "sign of the beast" number 666. Tales began to circulate about it being the Devil's Highway and a higher than usual amount of deaths occurring there. Statistically it was found to be a little behind most US highways. And, as something is always forbidden, people were stealing the signs right and left. Renumbering the highway was in order. 

At the dedication of the new highway name, George Blue Horse, a Navajo medicine man, performed a ceremony to remove the curse from the highway. In the Navajo language he stated, "The road itself never ends. It goes on generation to generation. The new number is a good one. The new road will be a medicine."


  1. I have been on this Highway... and seen the movie.

  2. When I left New Mexico going back to California...
    there was fire on both sides of the road, and no one was putting it out. It was like out of a B movie from the 80's, and I was driving on the highway to hell. I had lot's of Navajo friends, and they had plenty of stories about the highway. Including seeing shape shifters . Some said it was their family members.

  3. Funny to see fundies get all freaked out over a number. lol.

  4. I've been through that area, but don't recall the highway designation! I need to go back and check my atlases...

    From time to time in class, we will do some calculations and we will get an answer or 6.66 or 66.66... and I will round the digits up and make a joke about the answer being the sign of the beast...

    I've seen the beast before... he/she has been in many of my classes...


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  6. Yeah, I am back and blogger is working! It looks like we need to take a trip to the four corners and check this out. I have been there once as a youngin'.

  7. Beware sisters! While the highway may not be the devil I know a few people in NM who are! LOL



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