Friday, April 13, 2012

Haunted House Movies

My top favorites:

The Haunting
The Changeling This George C. Scott movie is probably the one that got me going as a ghost hunter. It was a combination of the active haunted house (I grew up in one) and the EVP session on tape that made me wonder-what are they trying to tell us that we're not hearing???
The Amityville Horror
The Legend of Hell House
The Fog

Secondary favs:

The Uninvited
13 Ghosts
Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive
The Evil Classic 1978 movie is about a group of people trapped inside a crazy haunted house. This movie was missed by a lot of folks and is worth the search. Stars Richard Crenna.
Stir of Echoes
Burnt Offerings

Honorable mentions:

The Grudge
The Others
Paranormal Activity
The Innocents
Something Evil A made-for-tv style Steven Spielberg haunted house movie--great on groovy 70s vibes and city folks move to country theme. Not super on scares, but unsettling.
Rose Red
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
A Haunting in Connecticut
The Sentinel
The Watcher in the Woods
Death of a Ghost Hunter
Knocking on Death's Door
Ghost in the Machine


  1. House on Haunted Hill doesn't even get an HONORABLE MENTION!


    1. Technically, House on Haunted Hill wasn't about ghosts, it was about faking them.

  2. What about the Shinning?
    Another fun but favorite of mine is Beetlejuice.
    1408 was good as well.
    House on Haunted Hill, the original and re-make were another favorite of mine.

    I agree with The Haunting. What a fantastic film!

    Great list!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I debated The Shining but it wasn't technically a haunted house movie, but a haunted hotel, as was 1408. I figured I'd stick with the ones that had to do with families living with ghosts.

  3. I didn't even think of that. I agree with leaving them out then. I was just thinking great hauntings. lol

    P.S I love your posts. I read them a few times a week.

    1. Thanks Natasha. Glad to give you a little getaway in the paranormal world (and the kooky world, depending on my mood that day when posting).

  4. A lot of great movies listed, So many that I love. I do like The Evil too. Think it is def worth a watch

  5. This is very topical for me because I only just saw 'The Haunting' for the first time this past weekend, and of course, thoroughly enjoyed it! Having just read the novel, 'The Woman in Black', I can see how author, Susan Hill, may have been influenced by 'The Haunting'.

    I love the idea of a benevolent haunted house, so naturally I adore 'Beetlejuice', and other fun spooky houses, like the Addams Family and Munster homes. Nasty haunted houses, on the other hand, are particularly disturbing to me because I view my home as a refuge. One of my favourite truly creepy houses will always be the Marsten house in 'Salem's Lot'.